Thursday, 9 March 2017

Walk Across Borders 2

In 2015 I set off on a mammoth journey to walk to Royal Court of Justice, London from the courts of Orihuela in Spain covering 1750km walking over 44 days. Both of these locations significant in my own personal situation.

The objective of the walk was to raise awareness of Parental Child Abduction and Parental Alienation as well as to try to raise a little money for the Reunite International Child Abduction Centre charity.

I believe that we achieved as much as we could have done given the restraints placed on me in a "Publicity Order" that was put in place in family court proceedings. Sadly, this is one of the reasons that some parents feel that they have their hands tied by the system. There is very little visibility to the general public of what is happening so, unless people are actually affected, they cannot even imagine that the family/international court systems can allow this to occur or it is assumed that "there is no smoke without fire"

Since this time, I have communicated with many parents whose children have been parentally abducted, retained or alienated from them. Something needs to be done to change this.. It is abuse of the family, abuse of the courts and abuse of the children that the other parent claims to love. Children are being separated for years at a time from their parents and the family courts are being used by alienating parents to assist this behaviour.

 For this reason and others, it is my intention to organise a "Walk Across Borders 2" to once again do as much as I can to raise awareness of these issues.

Unfortunately, I could not possibly afford to take all of the time off again to complete the journey. My employer was very kind on my previous quest to sanction my time off, but it is not fair to ask for extended time again. However, this could be positive as I can attempt to involve parents from throughout Europe to join in our efforts, possibly as a relay to pass the baton between us to our destination.

Therefore, my idea is to complete the journey in stages throughout the year of 2018 and I invite affected parents, families as well as supporters to take part.

If you would would like to be involved, please contact me by sending an email to . Once I can give a better estimate of the support in this quest, I can plan the journey in detail. Below is a possible route I could take.

Stage 1 - Spain
Stage 2 - France
Stage 3 - Italy
Stage 4 - Switzerland
Stage 5 - Germany
Stage 6 - Luxembourg
Stage 7 - Belgium
Stage 8 - Holland
Stage 9 - England


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