Monday, 19 August 2019

14th birthday - Never Give Up

Next Sunday will be Aleyah's 14th birthday.. Yes 14! As we have done every year since she was taken, we will be trying to celebrate the day as much as possible and keeping cards and messages from friends and family for her to read when we are reunited. (let me know if you want a message from you kept for her).
We keep all messages etc in a memory chest for her so she will be able to see for herself that she is, and has always been in our minds and in our hearts. We will also, of course, have cake 🎂😉.

Next year, we plan to do another "Across Borders" event which Michelle is crazy enough to make the journey with me to help to raise awareness of parental child abduction and parental alienation.. and hopefully raise some funds for one or two worthy charities (TBD) .. Guess some more training is in order..

Thanks Michelle Clark and others who have stood by me, given your support, spoken up instead of just thinking how wrong this has been and those who have helped and supported these events and activities. Also those who have sent or posted messages of support. They all mean so much xxx

I have some amazing friends and family who I love and appreciate so much. You have helped to keep me strong, and smiling even when I have found moments so difficult.

We are one more day closer.. There will be an end to this madness.. Always loving you.. Forever your dad xx

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Blocking posts and blogs

Sadly, it seems that along with the threats I received to try to stop me from posting about how I love and miss my daughter, attempts have also been made to remove my blogs and articles in an obvious attempt to stop the truth from being known.

I will continue to post to private blog messages to my daughter which she can read whenever she asks for access. 

It is so important for her to know that she is always in my mind and in my heart. Always has been.. Always will be.. 

The tactics used to keep us apart have been dispicable.. This will come to an end. One day she will seek the truth I am sure. 

When she is an adult, she won't be able to be controlled in the way she is now and decisions made for her. I have maintained a record should she seek these answers. 
All I wanted was to be in my daughter's life but every tactic possible has been used to try to stop that from happening.. All because I dared to instigate Hague proceedings for her return home after she was taken a decade ago. 

I have tried to request mediation several times but it is always refused by her mother. Probably through fear of the truth being known.

I want my daughter to know that I am not the person that I have been portrayed to be.. I am a loving father who would do anything for my child. 

Parental alienation and abuse of the family court with tactics like false allegations is horrific.. But I am not alone. There are many fathers, mothers and families that are having to cope and be patient in the same way we have.

But I am not broken by this. I am the same loving, caring father I always was... Only stronger! 

In a way, I can understand why such attempts are being used to try to silence me. The tactics that were used were beyond despicable. 

If and when answers are searched for, they are here. 

Ideally, I would have loved to be able to mediate. 

Despite those tactics used and the hurt that was caused to the paternal family, I have been willing to put those thoughts aside and discuss contact so our daughter can have both sides of her family in her life. She deserves that.. What she does not deserve is to be lied to and deceived in the way that she has been and still is being!! 

We are one day closer and I cannot wait for the day we are reunited.

Always loving you
Forever your dad 
0034 622 925 754

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Walk Across Borders 2

In 2015 I set off on a mammoth journey to walk to Royal Court of Justice, London from the courts of Orihuela in Spain covering 1750km walking over 44 days. Both of these locations significant in my own personal situation.

The objective of the walk was to raise awareness of Parental Child Abduction and Parental Alienation as well as to try to raise a little money for the Reunite International Child Abduction Centre charity.

I believe that we achieved as much as we could have done given the restraints placed on me in a "Publicity Order" that was put in place in family court proceedings. Sadly, this is one of the reasons that some parents feel that they have their hands tied by the system. There is very little visibility to the general public of what is happening so, unless people are actually affected, they cannot even imagine that the family/international court systems can allow this to occur or it is assumed that "there is no smoke without fire"

Since this time, I have communicated with many parents whose children have been parentally abducted, retained or alienated from them. Something needs to be done to change this.. It is abuse of the family, abuse of the courts and abuse of the children that the other parent claims to love. Children are being separated for years at a time from their parents and the family courts are being used by alienating parents to assist this behaviour.

 For this reason and others, it is my intention to organise a "Walk Across Borders 2" to once again do as much as I can to raise awareness of these issues.

Unfortunately, I could not possibly afford to take all of the time off again to complete the journey. My employer was very kind on my previous quest to sanction my time off, but it is not fair to ask for extended time again. However, this could be positive as I can attempt to involve parents from throughout Europe to join in our efforts, possibly as a relay to pass the baton between us to our destination.

Therefore, my idea is to complete the journey in stages throughout the year of 2018 and I invite affected parents, families as well as supporters to take part.

If you would would like to be involved, please contact me by sending an email to . Once I can give a better estimate of the support in this quest, I can plan the journey in detail. Below is a possible route I could take.

Stage 1 - Spain
Stage 2 - France
Stage 3 - Italy
Stage 4 - Switzerland
Stage 5 - Germany
Stage 6 - Luxembourg
Stage 7 - Belgium
Stage 8 - Holland
Stage 9 - England


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

One Year Since Walk Across Borders

A year ago, we set off on a 44 day walk (approx 1750km) between Orihuela, Spain and London, UK..…/day-1-orihuela-t…

Our objectives were to:
  1. raise awareness of the issues surrounding parental child abduction and the impact on families and children
  2. raise awareness of parental alienation abuse and the impact on families and children
  3. raise awareness of the failures in family court and with authorities that sometimes appear to facilitate abduction, alienation and false allegations which can be used as a heinous alienation tactic.
  4.  help the Reunite International UK charity who NEED the additional resources to effectively support families who are involved in international children's cases.. Over 17,000 calls were managed by their advice line in 2014.
We had such wonderful support from so many people on this journey from which we were so grateful.

We also met some amazing people en route that provided an experience that we will never forget...

There were also some very testing moments too but we took those in our stride (excuse the pun) and completed the journey at the Royal Courts of Justice on 5th October, 2015.

You can read about out journey by clicking on the link below and navigating the blog entries...
I hope we achieved some of what we set out to achieve. I was pleased that my mother was able to see us complete this before she sadly passed away in November...

She was so proud and fully supported the reasons why we decided to do this.. Tragically, she never had the opportunity to reunite with her granddaughter who she loved wholeheartedly until her last breath... It still does not seem real that she is no longer with us.. She was my rock... For such a small lady, she had so much courage and strength.. She is missed so much :(

Hopefully, we can continue to do as much as we can to try to make a difference... a positive difference... and just maybe enough awareness will be raised to prompt some change...
Doing nothing achieves nothing...
Nobody can do everything; but everybody can do something...
One more day closer xxxx